Walmir Gil has participated in innumerable tours inside Brasil and all over the world playing with César Camargo Mariano, Fafá de Belém, Caetano Veloso, Djavan, Gal Costa, among others. His special artistry is very much in demand at recording studios, he has recorded with hundreds of the most respected and prestigious artists, and participated in important International festivals such as Free Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, performing with Angela Maria, Cauby Peixoto, Francis Hime, Rita Lee, Guinga, Jota Quest, Chico César, Tribo de Jah, Arte Final, Luis Vagner, Clélia, Jamelão, Leandro & Leonardo, Nelson Gonçalves, Raul Seixas, Roberto Carlos, Roberto Sion, Rosa Maria, Sérgio Santos, Simone,Tania Alves, Jair Oliveira, Pedro Mariano, Milton Nascimento, Paula Lima and most recently with Rosa Passos.

Gil recently performed on the Columbia Artists US tour, featuring the Grammy winning Mantiqueira Band that he founded along with his musical partner and friend Nailor Proveta” Azevedo arranger, conductor and composer. His stage performances generated acclaimed reviews, such as this LA Times citation about his amazing artistry: ”... "Stunning solo passages surfaced throughout each of the works--from......trumpeter Walmir Gil......"


"Passaporte" (Passport) is Walmir's debut solo album All of the tracks were composed specially for this project, with the objective of creating a texture and space over which the solo could freely improvise, passing through various moods and acoustic ambiances, as if providing the soundtrack to an imaginary film.

Walmir's 2nd album, "Novas Histórias" features new material written specifically for Walmir by composer/producer Chris Wells, and re-unites Azul band members Charlie Wood (Hammond & pianos) and Webster Santos (guitars). Also featured is a previously unrecorded work by the great Brazilian composer Ivan Lins together with the late Blossom Dearie, entitled 'Blossom Dreams'.